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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 14, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> raising the bottle tax from 2 cents to 5 cents is expected to generate $10 million for city school construction and repairs. but that will not cover the amount needed in a new study. the crux of the combined package could leverage as much as $300 million in bond money for school construction and renovation. >> in addition to raising the bar tax, whose revenues are already below expectations, she would introduce a tax on slots. the city will ask the general assembly to increase the city's schools debt capacity from $100 million to $200 million. the city wants to avert i call tax -- alcohol tax money. >> somehow or other, we need to get to a solution where we
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renovate every single building. this, to me, it's a step. >> over the weekend compound -- over the weekend, they question why dollars continue to get back -- get tax breaks while children are left to learn in dilapidated buildings. the bottle taxes coming under fire as a job killer in the business community. >> at a time when the governor of our state is talking about jobs packages, wise the mayor not talking about job creation? this does everything to reduce jobs in our city. correct the council president -- >> the council president apparently abstained from the first vote on this.
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so far, there appears been no vote on eight -- there has been no vote on it. >> we are following breaking news from south baltimore where we are told an atf agent was injured during a police operation of some sort. >> this is the intersection of patapsco avenue and magnolia in the southern district. police are still at the scene and a half video the -- but we have video. atf agents were trying to make the apprehension of a suspect they had under surveillance in the area of a storage facility just south of patapsco avenue at this location. the suspects took off, a small chase ensued, and a crash occurred. at least five people went to the
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hospital. one of them was an atf agent. nautic giving at -- not telling us what they were under saysurveillance for. as soon as we get more of a racial we will advise you. >> former governor -- as soon as we get more information, we will advise you. >> former governor bob ehrlich is due to be in court tomorrow. a former political consultant is accused of using the automated calls to affect voter turnout. >> tonight, we have an id on how -- an idea of how he plans to defend himself. by the time the calls went out last year, it was too late
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anyway spirit -- any way. >> this man is accused of teaming up with a former baber the aid to keep black voters -- with a former bob ehrlich speed to keep black voters home on election day last year. >> i'm calling to let everybody know that governor o'malley and president obama have been successful. >> henson will argue that by the time the calls went out on election day, around dinnertime, the race was already decided. the defense expert will testify that o'malley had already won. the case promises well-known witnesses. bob ehrlich will be called by prosecutors along with two of
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his four aides. prosecutors intend to use records of phone calls. >> also indicated in this case is the controller, john pratt. tomorrow will begin those hearings on -- hearings on the pre-trial motions. they will be arguing that the indictment against him is technically flawed. >> two firefighters were hurt walcott -- while battling a fire in east baltimore. it was around 9:45 a.m. this morning. the firefighters are able to gain quick control of the blaze, but it is and here it -- unclear if anyone was home at the time. but firefighters are expected to recover from their injuries. in the meanwhile, a gathering to remember two victims killed in a fire on saturday afternoon.
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it happened in the 400 block of south fulton street. neighbors tell us that donna rhetoric and her son, ernie, r.t. -- a daughter of richard, and her son, ernie, are the victims. police are still investigating the cause of the fire. >> lisa robinson is live at city headquarters with the latest on this next story. >> police say one way to help them break this case, residents keeping an eye out. >> i think it is horrible. it is a bad thing. >> it is scary. because it is so close to where i live. >> 3 arson attempts over the weekend have northwest baltimore residents on edge. three separate homes were targeted in the 4100 block of belleview avenue, the 3900 block
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of groveland avenue, and the 33 under block of hite avenue. -- 3300 block of heights avenue. >> luckily, nothing catastrophic. >> it leaves you uncertain about what is going on, who is doing it and why. >> police say they're not sure of the people responsible were in cars or on foot. they have no description of people or vehicles. they say the only similarities between these and those in september were that it was a homemade bomb. >> that bottle as nowlin and the atf for testing. residents need to be vigilant and if they see anything
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suspicious, call 911. >> anne arundel county officials are investigating a shooting at a seafood restaurant. once on the scene, they discovered a man had been shot. police do not believe this was a random act of violence. >> the clock is ticking for congressional super committee to strike a deficit -- a deficit- cutting deal, that is. they have to come up with a plan to cut more than $1 trillion from the current budget. >> with no deal in sight, but there's more talk about punting the toughest decisions back to congress. >> the super committee is on a super tight deadline and president obama is urging the panel to get it done.
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>> bill and bite the bullet and do what needs to be done, because the mouth will not change. >> cochaired jab hensarling says they may be able to deal -- may be able to come up with some compromises. >> it is a way to appear to agree when you cannot agree on the specifics. you leave to someone else the task of fleshing out the details. >> in a new battleground poll, 50% of americans said they are not at all familiar with the super committee. but the panel is getting the attention on the campaign trail. but i think we ought to be clear about this. -- >> i think we ought to be clear about this. the way i characterize this is
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someone walks in and says, i'm going to assure you in the head and must you let me cut off your legs. -- shoot you in the head unless you let me cut off your leg. >> there is talk of congress taking action to undo those automatic talked -- automatic cuts. president obama said that is not something he would support. >> coming up, a local family was forced to postpone a funeral because the casket never showed up. >> and an old sport with a thanksgiving twist. >> what happened sunday in seattle? john harbaugh fired back at the questions of the ravens. >> thunderstorms in the ohio valley moving toward the midlantic.
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>> today, shop right partners and caring hosted the first-ever turkey bowling to help raise money for humber in maryland. -- hunger in maryland. the teams tried to knock down the most paper towel pins. the winners received a trophy, but both teams walk away with 100 cases of frozen turkeys to donate to the local feed banks. -- food banks. >> greeting after her mother died, a cherry hill woman got what she thought was an affordable casket, but it never showed up. it made a stressful situation much worse and force the funeral
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to be postponed. >> it was supposed to be a simple purchase, a casket, but it did not arrive in time for the funeral. even worse, the funeral had to be postponed. diana johnson had the responsibility of handling her mother's final arrangements. with limited funds, she decided to purchase a casket on line. getting it in time for the funeral turned into a disaster. the delays lasted weeks and the family had to finally settle for something they did not want. why did she not get what you ordered or receive a refund? >> tonight at 11:00 p.m., we discovered about the online casket co. and what we found out when we got a hold of the honor. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> record-setting high almost today. we were close to it. unofficially at the inner harbor, 77, and that would have tied the record.
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but the official highs at b.w.i. marshall was 74. the low this morning at 56 was more like the afternoon high for the 14th day of november. the record low, 18 degrees. it can get cold or warm this time of year. back to an expert, 64 degrees. -- emmetsburg, 64 degrees. 73 in downtown baltimore. and 60 degree temperatures in western maryland. it will be relatively mild overnight. the rain in the ohio valley will be here tomorrow afternoon and that will start to knock the
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temperatures back and these showers are developing along a cold front. these showers are accompanied by severe thunderstorms in parts of illinois, indiana, northern ohio. one tornado in champaign county illinois. it looks like the front will get your name much weaker variety and come through the area with just showers tomorrow. right now, very active in the plains states and into eastern canada. much colder air behind it and that will start sliding in the beginning with the showers. there might be another batch of rain passing south of us on what wednesday and the third patch on thursday. by thursday, the temperatures may be in a 30's with snow arriving in the western maryland mountains. scattered showers tomorrow,
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winds shifting and highs in the 60's. winds on the day tomorrow, out of the northwest with gusting up to 20 knots, especially in the morning. there's a small craft advisory. they're the getting to 50 on wednesday before it gets even colder and the rain changing to snow in garrett county on thursday pippert epact -- on thursday. we might have one more day with a 70-degree temperature of the lower eastern shore, but then it starts to cool off with the rain chant coming through on wednesday. -- the rain chance coming through on wednesday. we will stay cool on friday and then the weekend arrives. highs in the six depots.
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-- 60's. >> the frustration for ravens band has proven powerful after the loss to seattle. because expectations are high losing to the 2-6 seahawks proved challenging pipper. why have the reagan to abandon their running game? john harbaugh said today falling behind and the defenses they faced lead to that. harbaugh today was openly frustrated in discussing the loss and is ready to move on. >> we will do everything we can to eliminate the negatives and go out and make more positives and win the next football game. if you are insinuating that we
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just ignore what happened in the past, you have not been paying attention to the last four years of what we have been doing. licking wounds, you know, no. we are not lacking any wound. we are moving on. we are correcting our mistakes and we go practice on wednesday and get ready to play on sunday. >> that brings us to the ravens text question for the day. get all your phone and play the same game. -- the blame game. the number to text is 88509. we have already heard from many of you and 57% are pointing their fingers at the players. ryan ripken is all grown up.
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a senior at gilman, he committed 28 -- he committed to the university of south carolina for a baseball scholarship. he had to give up basketball for college, but no way was baseball to be left behind. >> i love playing both sports. it is going to be tough. it is the last year playing basketball here and gilman. but i also get to continue a passion i've had since i was a kid. >> making me feel very old. the players today rejected the owners' leaders -- latest proposal, turning down an even 50/50 split of revenue, well below what they had received initially. they will try to get a new deal through the court system, a path that will likely cause the entire season to be lost.
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the nba, this fight is going on. >> not good for the fans. fantasia stuff like this. -- fans hate stuff like this. >> stay with us. we will look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> coming about 11:00 p.m., we will continue to follow the news of two rapes in baltimore city over the weekend. it is a similar m.o., but are the cases related? tophere with the nation's bishop house tuesday in light of the churches own failure to protect children -- has
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>> more amazing weather. >> it is still very mild right now. enjoy it because there is a cold front coming. the temperature will drop about 10 degrees tomorrow. it will continue that fall through wednesday and thursday. this is the warmest day of the week. a couple of showers tomorrow, a few showers wednesday and thursday. thursday, only in the upper 40's and will stay that way on friday. partly cloudy to start their weekend and a slight risk of shower. -- to start the weekend and a slight risk of rush-hour. the high of about 60 on sunday. >> enjoy these warm, dark hours. >> i've never really heard someone say quite like that. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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